Jordon is Australia’s youngest senator who journeys with a disability. Prior to taking up the post of Senator for Western Australia in November 2017 Jordon dedicated his time to youth and disability advocacy and was also a student of politics at Macquarie University.

Jordon has portfolio responsibility for Disability Rights & Services, Youth, Trade, Peace & Nuclear Disarmament (which covers Defence) and Veterans’ Affairs. He is currently a member of the Senate Select Committee on Autism and is deeply involved with the Disability Royal Commission.

Deeply involved with the Greens from a young age, Jordon is passionate about using his time in parliament to act on climate change, reduce youth unemployment and implement a full NDIS.

“Over the course of my life I’ve learned that to be a young person with a disability in contemporary Australia is to occupy the intersection of some of our society’s most ingrained myths. At every opportunity I’ve worked hard to bust these myths and be a strong voice for the issues that matter. I will continue to do so in parliament as your Senator for Western Australia.”