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Efforts to improve democratic participation by Australia’s youngest Senator recognised with International award

Australian Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John has been awarded One Young World’s Politician of the Year. Senator Steele-John was the only Australian shortlisted for the award.

Jordon was nominated for the award, for crowdsourcing his first speech to the Australian Senate and the active approach he has taken to include people who are often shut out of Parliament, young people and disabled people, in the parliamentary process.

Senator Steele-John said it was an honour to accept the award on behalf of all young people in Australia and that, like his first speech, it was testament to the belief that politics should be about building a future for all of us, not self-interest.

“I never expected to be where I am and I am determined to make sure that I continue to represent those communities who struggle to have their voices heard in our democracy,” Steele-John said.

“This award is not about me; it symbolises the idea that politics should be about all of us, and that politicians should be representative of and accountable to the people who put them there.

“Receiving this award for the simple act of involving people in our democracy, shows how broken our political systems has become. The major parties have allowed big money and corporate interest to have so much influence over our political system, and everyday Australians are so often shut out.

Jordon will be awarded on Thursday, during the One Young World Conference.

“The One Young World Conference brings together young leaders from across the globe to share stories and ideas, and address the challenges facing our shared future. There are also some of the world largest corporations joining youth leaders at the event.

“Young people have had enough of the empty words of corporations who have shown time and time again, that they are willing to put their own bottom lines ahead of the needs of young people. I’m here to demand that corporations take action and drastically change the way they do business to ensure there is a future for all of us, or get out of our way, because our future is at stake and their isn’t a moment to lose.

More information can be found on the One Young World website.

Media contact:

Tim Oliver (Senator Steele-John) – 0448 316 387

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