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Labor's NBN announcement does nothing to fix systemic network, service issues: Greens

Media Release
Jordon Steele-John 22 Jun 2018



Monday, 21st June 2018

AUstralian Greens NBN spokesperson Senator Jordon Steele-John said today Labor's announcement they would implement harsh fines for NBN Co would do nothing to solve systemic issues with the provider, or improve customer experience.

Senator Steele-John said NBN Co had been set up to fail from the beginning by the Liberal party and simply fining them would do nothing to solve the problem.

“It is ridiculous that the Government is paying $50 Billion to NBN Co to deliver the NBN with an unreasonable and unsustainable remit of posting a profit while rolling out the network nation-wide,” he said.

“It is even more ridiculous that the Labor Party’s answer is to take money back off NBN Co for not delivering under these impossible circumstances, instead of attempting to actually fix the issues.

“Bill Shorten’s Labor party should have a vision to solve problems not only with the provider but with the infrastructure itself to ensure Australians have access to fast, reliable internet into the future rather than simply slapping on fines without any solution!

“The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman needs to be empowered to facilitate complaint resolution, the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code needs to be updated to drive better customer service and industry practice and NBN Co needs to transparently review its installation practices and pricing structures.

“These are the real solutions that the Australian Greens will work to implement instead of slapping fines on NBN Co for failing to deliver the Government’s multi-technology-mix disaster.”

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