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No Govt Response to Video Games Inquiry STILL

Media Release
Jordon Steele-John 15 Jan 2018

A government response to the Future of Australian Video Games Development Industry Inquiry, now 626 days late, has not yet been tabled despite a commitment from Communications Minister Mitch Fifield he would do so by the end of 2017.

Australian Greens IT spokesperson Senator Jordon Steele-John has written to Minister Fifield today to express his disappointment at this Government’s continued dismissal the economic, social and cultural contribution of the Australian video games industry.

“The inquiry unanimously recommended ongoing investment and support of the Australian video games industry – similar to the level of support given to the Film and Television Industry – way back in April 2016.

“Furthermore, Minister Fifield indicated back in May 2017 that he had a finalised draft on his desk for consideration in response to questioning from my predecessor Scott Ludlam, who has been a tireless champion for the Australian games industry.

“Where is this finalised draft and why on earth is it still yet to be considered? That was over 230 days ago.

“This Government is literally holding the Australian Video Games industry to ransom because they are concerned about the backlash over their own failure to deliver 21st Century National Broadband infrastructure, another of the inquiry’s recommendations.

“It is time to acknowledge that the NBN rollout has not delivered on its promise of meeting Australia’s future digital needs and stop using the Australian video games industry as collateral.

“Game developers deserve to know whether this government cares about the future of their industry in Australia.”

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