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Rule Out Escalation of Involvement in US Operations Against Iran: Greens

The Greens call on the Morrison Government to categorically rule out any escalation of Australia’s involvement in US-led military operations in the Persian Gulf, said Leader of the Greens Senator Richard Di Natale.

“Morrison has already embroiled Australia in the increasing tensions between the United States and Iran by joining the US-led military operations in the Persian Gulf.  As the Greens said at the time, it is folly to follow Donald Trump into yet another American misadventure in the Middle East”, said Senator Di Natale.

“It’s time for Australia to reconsider its security relationship with the United States and chart an independent, non-aligned foreign policy based on the best interests of Australia, the region and the world.”

Australian Greens spokesperson for Peace and Disarmament, Senator Jordon Steele-John said the escalating military and diplomatic crisis in the region was a crisis of Trump’s own making.

“Donald Trump now says the US is ‘locked and loaded’ and there are reports that the US is considering a physical strike or cyberattack on Iranian oil facilities or Revolutionary Guard assets.  Australia should immediately withdraw any support for Washington’s dangerous strategy in the Middle East and urge a return to the Iranian nuclear deal”, he said.

“Morrison is not only endangering global peace and stability – he is putting our citizens at direct risk of retaliation. Three Australian citizens travelling in Iran have now been locked up as a direct result of Australia’s slavish devotion to the US,” Senator Steele-John said.

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