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Scott Morrison plans to take money from NDIS to provide drought relief to farmers; robbing Peter to pay Paul

Today’s announcement the PM Morrison is considering taking funds from the NDIS to provide relief to drought-stricken farmers is simply beyond comprehension, according to Australian Greens Disability Rights spokesperson Senator Jordon Steele-John.


"How, in a wealthy country like Australia, can our government justify taking money from one disadvantaged group of people to give to another. Scott Morrison is trying to rob Peter just to pay Paul," Steele-John said.


"Why not scrap just a couple of the defunct fighter jets we’re buying from the USA, or make corporations pay their fair share of tax so that our farmers can get soemdrought relief? The mind boggles.


"The NDIS rollout has not even been completed and there are still people waiting to fulfil their plans or access the supports their plan stipulates in regional areas where services are limited.


"Staffing for this vital scheme has been capped at well below the level the productivity commission estimated and they are already outsourcing vital work to companies like Serco


"Prime Minister Morrison must immediately reverse this decision and ensure that no money available to the NDIS for disabled Australians is repurposed."

Media contact:

Tim Oliver (Senator Steele-John) – 0448 316 387

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